Institutions and Enterprise

Hubs at scale. Hub Hero for enterprise is for you if you need to deploy many different hubs within your organisation. The same functionality and benefits of our individual offers but for your whole organisation. We only use open-source tools, this means that there is no lock-in. While you could do it all yourself, we offer you peace of mind and our experience of having done this before.


Hub Hero for enterprise let's you deploy many JupyterHubs that are individually configured at scale. This is ideal if some of your staff need hubs for training, soem for courses and some need a temporary hub for a hackathon.

Each JupyterHub's environment can be separately customised. The platform supports Python, R Studio and C++ out of the box, as well as any of the over 60 languages supported by Jupyter.

Based on the widely used, popular and open-source Jupyter technology all your students need is a web browser. While you could set it up yourself, we offer you peace of mind and our experience in operating these powerful tools reliably.

This offer is ideal for universities, teaching institutions and large enterprises. For details please email


Hub Hero for enterprise can be fully customised to your needs. For a fully managed service we operate deployments on Google's cloud. This is not always a good fit because of privacy and confidentiality needs, or maybe you already have your own cloud. We can work with your in-house team. All the technology is open-source which means you will not end up locked in to proprietary software. You could do it all yourself. We provide the expertise and safety net of having done this before.


We believe deployments at the scale of a whole organisation require an excellent personal relationship and deep understanding of your needs. This is why we think step one is talking to each other. Let's start that relationship now via a short email to agree when we can meet:

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